Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Holla-Ween Fun!

Gaston and Belle from Beauty and the Beast!

Brown Hair!

All the Dickson's

Nice Muscles!

Dave, Me, Spence, and Ally

The VA Boys..Austin is Bob Dylan ..haha

Alex as Lady Gaga!

Kira the Pillsbury dough girl

Jenny and Derek as Ghost and Pac Man

Lindsey and Josh as Construction worker and speed bump
The bishop and his wife as the Grim Reaper and Cruela Devile

Kim, Joe, and Jaden as Pharoh, wife, and Moses

Tracie and Justin as Lord of the Rings characters
Colton is little train conductor

Katelyn and Josh as the Swine Flu!

Cousin Dinner Cake Contest!

Dave, Jeff, Alan, Tim, Joel, Brad (Adam had to leave)

Me, Jocelyn, Amanda, Cherie (Cassandra was there but had to leave)

We had a cake bake off contest at our last cousin's dinner. It was a close one. The guys team made this delicious Carmel Apple cake...it definitely smelled and tasted awesome. The girls team made a Lemon Blueberry cake with White Chocolate Frosting. Delicious! We all voted on smell, appearance, texture, etc....and the girls won! It was pretty darn fun!

Trip to Capital Reef

This national park is gorgeous! It is not as well known as the others, but it is just as beautiful! We had a blast!

I climbed up into the little potholes. They were fun!

Dave decided to climb up the really long cool rock! There he is scooting down on his butt!

Lisa, Talon, Dave, me and the great view!

Lisa and I decided to take a rest...

Dave and Talon decided to get out of the sun...

Dave in the morning in our make-shift tent

The best part of the trip was...we forget our tent! So we roughed it and made a little tarp tent. It was awesome!

The deer were pretty people friendly...look how close they are!

Dave is there on that arch... you can see his shadow.
This place is called the Cassidy Arch.

Burning down the house!

So Dave had me build this little house out of construction paper, cereal boxes etc. for his class. He was practicing his construction managing skills. Then we decided to light it on fire after he presented it to his class! There it is burning away....

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What's cooking in the kitchen?

Dave made the famous pie cookies from the left over dough!

I made yummy applie pies! My favorite! Jeff and Tim brought us 30 apples! It was a good excuse to make apple pie and other goodies. Mom, this picture is for you! You are the wonderful talented one who taught me to make the amazing pies!

Colbie Caillat Concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sue and Me are excited for the show to start!

Camping trip to Bryce Canyon with Nate and Michelle

Check out that view!

We hiked the peek-a-boo loop!

They are holding those rocks up! Can't you see it!

Michelle, Nate, Dave, Me