Friday, May 28, 2010

Driving Cross Country!

The Packards, our Provo ward buddies

Mille, John, and Brighton

Mimi, Matt, and Josh

After graduation we headed up to the Goodsell cabin in Montana for a week. We played in the snow, skied, and snowmobiled and more! We then began our drive back East. First we stopped at Matt and Mimi Snows' in Chicago. They are my wonderful buds back freshman and sophomore year of BYU! We even bonded with Josh, their awesome little guy! Love you guys! We then headed to Indiana to see John and Millie. John toured us around Purdue, while we tried to keep up with his engineer chatter. Brighton was sure a cutie! Then we headed to Ohio to see The Packards. They were our good buddies back in our married ward in Provo. We love those kidos, wow they have grown! We finally made in to Virginia and rested!

Happy Graduation Dave,Nate, and Michelle!

After all these years Dave and Nate finished school! They of course had all their classes together and graduated in Construction management. Dave is heading to Maryland to work for Folger Pratt and Nate is heading to California to work for Clark! And Michelle of course will go where Nate does! Nice work you three!

Farwell to Es, Keyvan, and Eve!

Our last time hanging with Es and Keyvan. We are going to miss you guys! Of course we had to end the evening with a board game and some delicious food (The Goodsell and Vasefi regular).

Easter At Shauna's

Aunt Shauna and Avery

Dave,me, Anthony, Kathryn
Nate and Michelle

Foster's and Jocelyn's kidos!

After a delicious dinner, cousin basketball game, exciting Easter egg hunt, and bonding with all the cousins especially Foster and his little family, I would say it was a fabulous Easter Sunday!

Dave and I taught The Goodsell Fam how to ski! It was an adventure. Jeremy only crashed a few hundred times! It was sweet! Nate and Michelle were even there at Sundance to watch the show!