Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Years

So I definitely fell asleep before the ball dropped. So lame. Great New Years with all the boys and Dave's parents! Love them all!

Partying at the Goodsells

Aly, Spence, and Jordan came over during Christmas break, Miss all you guys!

Sleepover with Biggins and Dave's brothers, a blast!
(Jeremy, Tim, me, Biggins, Jeff)
Dave's cousins came over and we had a rocking night!
(Dave, Madeline, Cassandra, Grant, Michelle, Paige)

Our own little house!


Dining room
Living Room

Guest room
Baby's room

Our bedroom

We are living in Herndon, VA. it is about 45 minutes from D.C. We bought a cute little townhouse. We love all the new friends we have made! We are so excited to have a house to bring our baby home to.

Will I pop?

Almost 40 weeks in these pictures! I am running out of clothes to wear. He is straight out there isn't he!

My birthday date with Dave

Dave took me out to Cheesecake factory, surprise of course! We then went to see the National Christmas tree. I love having my birthday near Christmas, we get to do festive activities!

Washington D.C. temple lights

My mom came to visit and help me set up our new house!

My belly keeps growing...

Surprise baby shower at work!

The girls on my unit through me a baby shower. They are so cute! Miss u guys!

My experience being pregnant and what I love about it!

-feeling our little blueberry move and kick
-the funny comments strangers think they can say to you just because you have a baby inside of you ( ex. "you're so low!" "oh you are definitely having a boy because...."
-the fabulous massages from Dave
-looking at myself in the mirror from the front and not looking prego, then looking from the side and thinking "dang there is a watermelon in there"
- the funny way clothes fit
-not looking pregnant from behind...except for my ghetto booty!
-having a little buddy with me all the time
-my first experience seeing the inside of my belly button
-the numb fingers and hands I have each morning when I awake
-waddling..always attractive
- wearing sweat pants and sweatshirts cuz nothing else fits
-sonograms are so cool!
-when we poke and push on blueberry he kicks and punches!
-love flaunting my huge belly!
-craving tomatoes, pasta, and pizza
-learning about how babies grow and develop
-being visibly pregnant and not just obese, a great conversation starter
-able to be up with Dave every 2 hours at night because we both have to pee!
-eating healthy but lots of it! (I just tell myself..."got to feed the kid"
-working as a nurse everyone was so kind and helpful because I was pregnant
-feeling so blessed to carry this little bundle in me
-imagining what he will look like and being so excited for him to come out to play!
-lastly...feeling so right about being a mother and knowing that the Lord is watching over me and my little guy