Friday, August 14, 2009

Bry comes home!

Brookie and me!

Bry returns from his mish! The friends reunite!

Murder Mystery Party

This party was back in the fall. We had so much fun dressing up with the Woodbury's, Rebeira's and the Decoursey's.

Last Time with The Packards

We will miss you little kids! Sydney, Owen, and Tanner are some of our favs! We got one last time to babysit them. So we went all out! We painted each other with colored chalk, wrestled, and just went crazy! Dave is sure going to miss his little buddy, Owen in church. Who is supposed to distract him now?

Remembering this last year

The Brooks Side

The Stevens and Moyers come to Utah!

Fun in Cape Cod with Ev and Cody

Christmas kisses


Sledding on our back hill

Spanish Fork Canyon

Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa

Parties at Shauna's!

The Manti Temple!

Cousin lovin!

Nate and Michelle's wedding!

Ward Campout

Dave, Me, Dave, Rachel

Amanda, Julie, Me, Lisa

Bugs, wildlife, hiking, friends, fresh air! What more would you want! Yes I am a tree hugger. But our ward camp out was a blast. There was delicious food, games, and funny skits. We took a midnight hike to look at the stars. I stayed clear of the stinging neddle, but others weren't so lucky. We stayed up late around the camp fire. We sure enjoyed our tent neighbors, Lisa and Talon. Lisa and I giggled until we fell asleep. Then Dave and I finally hit the sack in our cute little tent. What a lovely weekend!