Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Our 2 Year Anniversary!!!

Our anniversary was on Sunday July 11, so we decided to party hard on Saturday. We were out all afternoon khaiking. We explored the Potomac River from River Bend Park, where we set sail. It started off as a cloudy day, but nice and cool. We thought we were going to get poured on, but no drop of rain touched us. The sun even came out later on. We chased some water wildlife. Dave stalked the ducks, while I got a kick out of this Blue Herring that stood on branches that lay over the water. We kept running into the big bird! Later that evening we went out to the Olive Garden. Got to love this pregnancy business, my taste buds are all crazy. I am usually in the mood for tomatoes or pasta, never meat. So Olive Garden won! We had a delicious dinner and a fabulous date! We may have even fallen in love all over again! I love anniversaries!

Visit to homestead of Frederick Douglas

Dave, me, Tara, and Biggins got into the spirit of Independence Day by learning all about Frederick Douglas, a great African American abolitionist. Tara is the lovely sister of Keyvan, our dear friend from Utah that we miss! Tara is working in D.C and we decided to get together. We loved her. She was fun, talkative, and we enjoyed getting to know her!