Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Gangsta red skins playas!

Hov lane and a speed bump!

My growing belly

28 weeks!

24 weeks!

Sarah and Ed's Wedding

Jess, Lindsay, Sarah, Me

The lovely couple

Wonderful reception! Chilly day, but my pregnant self loved that. Sarah looked gorgeous and her and Ed are just darling together! So fun to see old friends!

Hiking in VA

Dave took us on an awesome Saturday date hiking! It was gorgeous! Even little blue ( our baby's womb name) kept up with us as we climbed the rocks and endured the switchbacks.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Weekend with Mimi, Matt, and Josh!

So Mimi and Matt came to D.C.! How fun is that! I was so excited! I wish they lived closer. We would hang out with them everyday if they did! We had so much fun. We went to the Natural History Museum and had a delicious dinner together. What a blast! Josh is too funny. He is a busy little guy and we love him! Mimi and Matt you two are such wonderful friends! I am so glad we were able to get together!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Our 2 Year Anniversary!!!

Our anniversary was on Sunday July 11, so we decided to party hard on Saturday. We were out all afternoon khaiking. We explored the Potomac River from River Bend Park, where we set sail. It started off as a cloudy day, but nice and cool. We thought we were going to get poured on, but no drop of rain touched us. The sun even came out later on. We chased some water wildlife. Dave stalked the ducks, while I got a kick out of this Blue Herring that stood on branches that lay over the water. We kept running into the big bird! Later that evening we went out to the Olive Garden. Got to love this pregnancy business, my taste buds are all crazy. I am usually in the mood for tomatoes or pasta, never meat. So Olive Garden won! We had a delicious dinner and a fabulous date! We may have even fallen in love all over again! I love anniversaries!

Visit to homestead of Frederick Douglas

Dave, me, Tara, and Biggins got into the spirit of Independence Day by learning all about Frederick Douglas, a great African American abolitionist. Tara is the lovely sister of Keyvan, our dear friend from Utah that we miss! Tara is working in D.C and we decided to get together. We loved her. She was fun, talkative, and we enjoyed getting to know her!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Guess What!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are pregnant! I am 3 months along! Our little bluerberry is due to come out to play in January!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Driving Cross Country!

The Packards, our Provo ward buddies

Mille, John, and Brighton

Mimi, Matt, and Josh

After graduation we headed up to the Goodsell cabin in Montana for a week. We played in the snow, skied, and snowmobiled and more! We then began our drive back East. First we stopped at Matt and Mimi Snows' in Chicago. They are my wonderful buds back freshman and sophomore year of BYU! We even bonded with Josh, their awesome little guy! Love you guys! We then headed to Indiana to see John and Millie. John toured us around Purdue, while we tried to keep up with his engineer chatter. Brighton was sure a cutie! Then we headed to Ohio to see The Packards. They were our good buddies back in our married ward in Provo. We love those kidos, wow they have grown! We finally made in to Virginia and rested!

Happy Graduation Dave,Nate, and Michelle!

After all these years Dave and Nate finished school! They of course had all their classes together and graduated in Construction management. Dave is heading to Maryland to work for Folger Pratt and Nate is heading to California to work for Clark! And Michelle of course will go where Nate does! Nice work you three!

Farwell to Es, Keyvan, and Eve!

Our last time hanging with Es and Keyvan. We are going to miss you guys! Of course we had to end the evening with a board game and some delicious food (The Goodsell and Vasefi regular).