Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Me and My Love

For Valentine's Day, I was pleasantly surprised with at gourmet candlelight dinner when I got home from work. There were noodles with a delicious meat and herb sauce served with cheese garlic rolls and a hearty salad. To top it off Chef David made a lemon cake! What a stud!

Cross Country Skiing!

Check out Bridal Veil Falls in the Winter! So cool!

Skiiing At Sundance

Steph has been my skiing buddy lately. We have been going on our days off from work. Dave's knee is finally getting better from that freak "snow mobiling sledding" acident. We have started hitting the slopes again together!

Dave The Model

Dave got a few new shirts thanks to you mom. Thought we would have him model! I think modeling may be his next career move. So funny!

Esther and Keyvan's New Arrival

Little Eve Vasefi was born January 24. She is beautiful. Dave and I love her! Es and Keyvan are living down in Payson now in their new house! Those three Vasefi's are the best!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Moving Back East

Dave and I are officially moving back to our home land of the east! Dave has a job with a construction company in Maryland, Folger-Pratt. He starts in May. We are so excited. We are on the hunt for TownHomes around the area. I am ready for a change! So the plan is Dave will graduate in April, we will head up to play in the snow in Montana, then the drive across country where we will stop to visit friends and family( John and Millie, The Packards, Mimi and Matt), then we will reach our destination! I will then start my hunt for job! I will miss Timpanogos Hospital! I love it there! So there is the update!